Men generally prefer to buy their grooming products online. Statistics show that 60% of men prefer to purchase their grooming products online while 20% would shop in supermarkets. 10% of men prefer to shop for men’s grooving products in beauty salons while the rest shop in airports.

Product range

Male grooming is still relatively a new concept to most men although that is not the case in reality. Most of the available skin care products are available on the onsite stores. With this regard the UK and US are very popular with a wide range of male grooming products as well as the art of shaving. In the beauty and products industry there is over 100 brands of male grooming products with the high-end products being sold online.


Gone are the days when one could order products online and had to wait for several weeks for them to be delivered.  Most quality male grooming products websites offer delivery services within 24 hours. So, you don’t have to wait that long to get the product. it is very convenient to shop online especially for those who have a very busy schedule.


Information is key especially when shopping for beauty products. There are plenty of men’s grooming blogs and forums that provide insightful information on how to deal with certain aspects of grooming issues and products. Such kind of information you cannot find freely offline, however online you will find even much more.

Closet groomers

This is one of the most poignant reason as to why men prefer to use online as their one stop place for their products. As much as men make use of skin care products this doesn’t necessarily imply that they want the whole world to know about it. Closet groomers are the best alternative for men who like to keep things to themselves and not let auntie Gemima to know about it.


Most men feel more comfortable when shopping for male grooming products without help from a male sales assistant. There is a lot of interactive information that is available online which will guide you when selecting grooming products or shaving supplies. Some of the websites have a virtual online assistant who are available round the clock. The sanctuary of the computer screens has allowed men to feel more comfortable when shopping for skin care products online.