Indian women always love to wear gold ornaments. Be it the rings, bangles or other jewelry, Indians love the Gold. With the Hindu Women wearing the Gold Mangalsutra, an ornament that is to be worn after marriage, we can understand the importance of Gold. For Indians, Gold possesses the sentimental value. It’s not a financial investment for the Indians, but rather an emotional investment.

If you are willing to buy a Gold Mangalsutra for any reason, you’ll find a ton of options. In this post, we are going to share all of the Gold Mangalsutra design styles that are common in India. As the millions of women wear a Gold mangalsutra, you should understand the importance of this ornament for Hindu Women.

Why Do You want to Buy Gold Mangalsutra?

First of all, you should assess the reasons why you should want a Mangalsutra. Do you want to gift it to your wife? Do you want to buy it for yourselves? Want to gift it to your mother? Or it is just an additional Gold Mangalsutra in your collection?

Ask all of these questions to yourself and then proceed with the Gold Mangalsutra buying. All of the other factors come later, but at first, you should ask yourselves these critical questions. You will understand your needs after asking these questions to yourselves. For example, if you are buying the Mangalsutra for yourself, then you should buy an exotic gold mangalsutra. If you are buying it for your wife or mom, then you should purchase something classic. Also, if you want to buy a Mangalsutra for your collection, then you should explore other fancy options.

Different Styles of Gold Mangalsutra

There are hundreds of different styles of Mangalsutras you can buy from the jewelers. With hundreds of options, it is quite tricky to buy the best one. Here are some of the most popular styles of Mangalsutra.

#1 – Thick Chain Mangalsutra with Kundan Pendant

Most of the marriages have this type of Mangalsutra. In this type, the mangalsutra is made with the thick chain of Gold. In the middle, it has a big pendant made with Gold. The design style is called as Kundan, which is a traditional Indian Jewelry as this is commonly used as the First Mangalsutra in Indian Hindu Weddings.

#2 – Simple Gold Mangalsutra

This is another popular style of Mangalsutra Designs. With the simple design with either a thin gold chain or a single thread with gold beads. In the middle, it has a small and straightforward pendant, which is the central part of the Mangalsutra. This is a prevalent type of Mangalsutra that women wear regularly.

Final Words

Mangalsutra has a tight bond with Indian culture. It has the importance of Hinduism as it is the Main indication of Wedding. With words like “Mangal,” which means auspicious and “Sutra,” which means the rules, it signifies the religious importance. So, this is how you buy a new Gold Mangalsutra for yourself, your wife, or mom.