Tattoos have been a part of human culture since the beginning of civilization. They are an integral part of the historic heritage of different corners around the world. The tribal tattoos that you see these days have been inspired by the ancient art and designs. We have seen evidence of the Aztec, Samoa, Hawaiian and Borneo tribes inking themselves. Each of the tribes have their own unique design, style, and elements which they use to make the tattoos. However, there many components which are common between them as well. For instance, the shades, color of the tattoo and so on.

So, if you are interested to get a new tribal tattoo, then you must carefully read this blog.

What Are The Styles of Tribal Tattoos?

Can you guess which is one of the oldest forms of art that is surviving apart from pottery and painting? Yes. Tattooing is the answer. You can find the traces of tattoos all over the world which can even date back thousands of years. Humans always had the desire and need to express themselves and portray their thoughts. That is why we can see cave paintings in many parts of the world which stand for different meanings. Similarly, the tattoos have helped humans to symbolize thoughts and meanings.

Over the years the art of tattoo making have gone through several changes and evolution. In today’s time, it is one of the most popular and significant symbols of popular culture. Tattoo artists have brought several changes in this form of art and introduced new elements which made tattoo making even more versatile. Here is a list of different tribal tattoo styles for you.

Samoan Animal Abstract Style – one of the most popular styles of tribal tattoo, Samoans have unique designs for both the sexes. The male designs symbolize power and strength and are usually found in the lower body parts. They are bigger and offer less intricacy than female tattoos. Some popular Samoan styles include the Marquesan cross, sun rays and ocean swirls. All of them look absolutely great.

Maori Face Tattoos – in the Maori culture, the human head was considered as the most scared part of the body. That is why they used to draw several tattoos on the head. Face tattoos stood for social status, prestige, and rank for them.  These tribal tattoos are bold and very detailed. They used knives and chisels to make the tattoo on the body. If you are planning to get a Maori tattoo, then you must know that it will be quite a painful process. This is because of the severe curves, exquisite shapes, and so on.

Modern Tribal Tattoos – modern day tribal tattoos have a sharp look which are followed by bold and thick lines that surround the muscles of the body. They are very masculine and suits the body of wrestlers, and athletes. The most common designs usually include tigers, centipedes, dragons, spiders and so on. You can also go for abstract designs as well.

Tribal tattoo designs can be the best way to express your thoughts and emotions. Keep your tattoo safe from the sun by applying a tattoo sunscreen.