There are a lot of quality unbranded clothing suppliers to wholesale sportswear in the UK, in this post, I will give a list. No matter you are looking for domestic UK sportswear wholesale suppliers or are fine with the Chinese sportswear manufacturers, they all can be found here.

Why to Wholesale Unbranded Sportswear?

Different from the branded sportswear such as Adidas or Nike, unbranded sportswear means when the clothing was made it was not given a brand or logo, it is without any type of branding. While this does not impact the quality of the clothing, it does make sportswear more affordable. You pay a premium when you buy branded sports apparel, the more popular the brand, the higher the price.

So to sportswear startups or the online small sportswear eCommerce sites’ owners, I recommend you wholesaling unbranded sportswear in the beginning, your cost can be reduced but your quality can be not sacrificed, and you also can print your own brand or logo to the unbranded sportswear later, then you are able to build your sportswear brand and promote it to your customers.

List of Quality Unbranded Sportswear Wholesale Suppliers in the UK

Suppliers Products Location Swimsuits, Beachwear, Loungewear, Nightwear, and Fitness Clothing UK Sports Apparel for Women, Men and Kids, Comfort Wear UK Sportswear and Teamwear UK Sports and Casual wear, Work Wear, Home Textiles UK Sustainable Sportswear UK Fashion Tracksuits for Men and Women UK Sportswear, Teamwear, Activewear, Marathon Wear, Event Wear and so on China Branded Sportswear and Accessories UK Sporting Tees, Polos, Hoodies, pants for women, Shorts, Kit Bags UK

Choose UK Sportswear Wholesalers or Chinese Sportswear Manufacturers?

I know many of you will have this question, in fact, it depends on your own preference, price, quality, and shipping speed, which is more important for you which can be your choice. The UK domestic sportswear wholesalers are much faster but more expensive options, while the Chinese wholesale sportswear manufacturers are slower in shipping and cheaper in price.

As to the sportswear quality, there isn’t much difference between UK sportswear wholesalers and Chinese sportswear manufacturers, if you choose a good quality supplier, then you can get good quality unbranded clothing, otherwise, you can’t.

And there are some secrets of sportswear wholesale suppliers in the UK, you may want to check here

  1. Many UK sportswear wholesalers are “middlemen” sites, they buy from the overseas original clothing manufacturers as well. The so-called “made in the United Kingdom” is only printing brands or logos in some city of UK.
  1. Many UK sportswear wholesale suppliers can not custom too much on the clothing and can not offer a full catalog of sportswear, because they are the “middlemen”, not the original manufacturers.
  1. Many UK sportswear wholesale manufacturers do not support small orders, they require bigger order minimum order quantity, the real clothing manufacturers can accept the lowest MOQ, for example, the Chinese sportswear&activewear manufacturer-Berunwear supports MOQ=30 Pieces.


Wholesale Unbranded Sportswear in the UK From Activewear Manufacturer:

Berunwear is a sportswear wholesale company and an activewear manufacturer locating in China. It’s having the lowest MOQ, fast Turnaround, professional Design, free Samples, reduced Cost, and global Shipping features. Berunwear supports clients customizing all types of sportswear, activewear, and teamwear, all you need to do is offering them a photo or an idea. They are also owing a large clothing factory, working with 30+ clothing material suppliers, partnering with worldwide reputed shipping agencies such as FedEx/DHL/UPS. So no matter you want to require rush orders, quality, and cheap orders, an overseas order, Berunwear can satisfy your needs.

Here are the major products and services of Berunwear

  • Products: Cycling apparel, Running clothing, Sports Team Uniforms, Event wear, Activewear, Rowing suits, Fishing wear, Yoga wear, and more.
  • Design service: There is 1 professional sport apparel design to work with you to turn the idea into reality.
  • Sample service: There are fitting samples to be made and shipped to you with only shipping charges.
  • Manufacture service: There are large and small production lines to suit your order.
  • Private label service: There are private labels and hangtags to be manufactured if you require.
  • Packaging service: There are custom-designed packaging polybags or boxes to be made if you need them.
  • Inspecting service: There is an exclusive Quality Control department in Berunwear company.
  • Shipping service: There are various shipping options, you can choose by sea or by air, tax included or not.