Growing a beard for the winter months will help keep the face warm and cozy, look masculine, and help an individual save time they would spend grooming their facial hair. However, the effect that winter has on the skin and hair will impact the beard, how it looks, and its growth. If someone wants to avoid having to deal with common winter-skin woes, such as dryness and flakiness, they should follow the simple tips found here and use the quality beard care products available at Bossman.

Take Cool Showers

Cool showers are ideal for winter skincare issues. A cool shower will help to prevent the loss of natural oils that a hot shower may strip away from the skin. This is especially problematic for skin that is covered by a beard. The main reason for this is because the moisturizers that are used have a difficult time getting through the hair.

Avoid Using Soap

Most people have likely used the same soap they always have, even after growing a beard. Keep in mind, the beard is hair. If a typical body soap is used on the beard, it may dry the facial skin that is under the beard, which can cause flaking. A better option is to use a specialty shampoo and rub it into the beard, similar to hair.

If the regular shampoo that is used is not working, try using something that contains vitamin E and B along with some moisturizing abilities. Don’t be afraid to clean the beard from time to time using a dandruff shampoo.

If a person is dealing with dandruff, they should use a specialty dandruff shampoo that has been formulated using tar, zinc pyrithione, sulfur, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, or coal. If the shampoo doesn’t have at least one of these ingredients, then it is not a formula that will treat cases of dandruff.

Dry the Beard

While it may sound obvious, beard hair can retain a lot of moisture. Since many people are accustomed to letting their hair dry out naturally, this is something that will carry over to their beards. However, it is best to dry the beard completely since hard water and minerals may negatively impact skin health. For someone in a hurry, use a blow dryer or use a brush and dry towel to dry and comb out the beard. Do this until it is completely dry and fluffy. It is also a good idea to use high-quality beard oil several times a week to help the hair grow strong and to add moisture to it.

Growing and Maintaining a Great Beard in winter

While the winter months can be harsh on the skin, several tips can be used to help ensure a beard grows strong and looks healthy. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to ensure that the healthy growth desired is achieved. While there is no secret formula for beard health, the tips here have been proven helpful for many men at all stages of beard growth.