There’s a stereotype that bearded men look messy, scary and disorganised. You can’t blame some people for making these conclusions. When you don’t keep your beard well, it’s easy for you to look messy. However, you can do something to look neat even when you decide to grow a beard. You don’t need to fall for that stereotype because of this decision.

Wear sharp clothes

When you wear the best suit at work and you have a long beard, you will look stunning. No one will accuse you of being messy and untidy. Your appearance will surely stun everyone in the room especially those who didn’t see you with a beard before.

Your beard needs regular care

Since facial hair can have messy growth, you need to take care of it. Make sure that you use beard products to guarantee that it will grow well. Otherwise, it will be all over the place. Beard shampoo will also make it smooth and soft. Regular trimming will also help so that it grows evenly. You have to be patient in keeping your beard in good condition. It will take time to grow to the desired length, and you have to be consistent in doing these facial care rituals.

You can’t be lazy

There are times when you don’t follow your facial care routine because you feel tired. It’s understandable if you had a lot to do during the day, and you can’t follow your entire routine. However, you can’t forget your beard care products. Even if you only missed a day, it could have an adverse effect on your appearance the following day.

It’s easy to get tempted

There are instances when you feel like you don’t want to grow a beard anymore. You feel like it doesn’t look good on you, or it’s too difficult to maintain. If you reach this point, you have to pause and think if it’s the right position. It’s true especially if you already went too far in growing your beard. You can’t take a step back now and give up on having a long beard. Besides, if you’re consistent in doing your beard care routine, you will maintain the proper growth of your beard.

If everyone around you still thinks that growing a beard is only for messy men, you can prove them wrong. Show them that growing a beard doesn’t have to make you fall under that stereotype. Therefore, before you decide to grow your beard, you have to be confident about it. You’re trying something you, and you have to show that you have what it takes to grow a beard.

Once you see the positive results, you will not hesitate to pursue the idea of maintaining the length of your beard.

You can also look at other men who decided to change their appearance by growing a beard and look fascinating as a result. They might inspire you to continue your plan.