The United States is the fourth largest country in terms of area. It is a land of diverse people, cultures and terrain. All 50 states provide plenty to offer, but there is so much to see that you have to prioritize them. Here are three to check off the list right away.

  1. Texas

The Lone Star State has seemingly endless opportunities for travelers. Culturally, it spans the South, the Great Plains and the Southwest. You can take in a multitude of professional sports games from the Dallas Cowboys football team to the Houston Astros baseball team. Touring the Alamo in San Antonio after grabbing some authentic Tex-Mex cuisine is also on the menu. There is a long shoreline down the Gulf of Mexico where you are able to go swimming, fishing and boating. Don’t forget to dress the part by picking up some custom belt buckles Houston TX.

  1. Vermont

The Green Mountain State is an underrated gem located in New England. The peaks that the state gets its name from provide tons of opportunities for hiking, biking and camping. However, the real specialty is skiing. Stowe is a resort town where many find themselves, including New Yorkers looking to flee the city for a winter adventure. Be sure to rent some gear and slide down the slopes.

Lake Champlain, which borders New York and Canada, is one of the most pristine in the country. You should take a boat ride while staying in Burlington, the state’s largest city, which extends plenty of options for food, shopping and entertainment.

  1. Hawaii

The Aloha State is a world-renowned destination for a good reason. Obviously, the beaches are the main attraction. They display world-class surfing and other water sports (just be careful of powerful tides that can take you out to sea.) You can try poi, which is often made from pounded taro root, after hiking at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Don’t forget to catch the sunset before you leave.

Life is too short to sit at home watching television. The United States is full of treasures including the three states mentioned above. Go check them out.