Whether you’re buying a gift for someone who has Irish heritage or you simply love traditional Irish jewelry, getting to grips with the meaning behind it before buying makes sense. After all, you wouldn’t give a Celtic Sisters Knot to your girlfriend – it’s designed to symbolize sisterhood and the strong eternal bond we have with our sisters and friends.

Below, we’ve put together some of the most popular jewelry symbols and their meanings to ensure that, when you go to buy your next piece of Grandmas Jewelry, it means something to you.


Claddagh Rings


One of the most popular pieces of Irish jewelry for weddings is the Claddagh ring, a symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. Featuring two hands, designed to represent friendship, a heart to represent love, and a crown that shows loyalty, it’s the ultimate wedding ring design with so many meanings and connotations. Singletons often wear the ring on their right hand and have the crown facing towards them, to demonstrate that their heart has not yet been won, whereas brides and grooms wear it on their left hand with the crown facing outwards.



Another common Irish symbol is the shamrock, which forms a triad. According to tradition, the Celts thought that this was a mystical number, and Saint Patrick himself often used the shamrock as a way to explain the Holy Trinity to the Celtics. Not only is the shamrock great for good luck, but it looks beautiful whether worn as a pendant or in the form of earrings.


Celtic Cross


When preaching Christianity, St. Patrick reportedly drew a cross through a Celtic circle, which was symbolic of the moon Goddess, and that’s how the Celtic Cross was born. Today, you can find stunning Celtic cross jewelry that not only demonstrates your Irish heritage but represents your endless love of God and understanding and commitment to your religion.

Celtic Stag


Though not as common as some of the other symbols, the Celtic Stag is increasingly being found on Irish jewelry. Celts’ lives were all about nature and animals, but it was deers that held a particularly special place in their hearts. According to tradition, the White Stag was a messenger from the gods. Cernunnos, the Celtic God of Abundance, could even shapeshift into a stag, and so it’s natural Irishmen and women would want to wear one on their bodies.

Eternity Knot


Finally, a quick word on the beautiful Celtic eternity knot. This is an ancient symbol of love, friendship, and spirituality, featuring symmetrical knots that tie into themselves with no clear beginning or end. In fact, the “tying a knot” saying comes from the handfasting tradition upon which this symbol is based; it’s about demonstrating love and commitment for one another.

Whether you opt for a traditional Celtic Cross or a more modern Celtic Stag, we hope that this article has proved useful and will guide you towards making the right jewelry decisions.