Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a city in the state of Louisiana. It’s home to the Louisiana State Capitol. If you are looking for a microblading specialist in Baton Rouge LA, you must do your research. After all, this procedure will leave permanent marks on your face. Fortunately, there are a few questions that you can ask to ensure the person performing the service is qualified and knows what they’re doing.

Does the procedure hurt?

One of the most common questions about microblading is whether it hurts. While there is no real pain associated with the procedure, some people experience slight discomfort. This usually comes from a hot pinprick sensation or scratchy feeling on the skin. Others describe it as feeling like a light pinch when your artist presses down on your brow bone to apply pigment to the skin.

Some people don’t feel anything at all during their appointment or immediately afterwards, while others might have sensitive tissue that causes excruciating pain after receiving microblading treatment. If you’re worried about pain during your procedure, try discussing options with your microblading specialist so they can help ensure an optimal experience for you.

What are your training and experience?

When interviewing your prospective microblading specialist, it is important to ask them about their training and experience. You will want to know how many years they have been microblading and how many procedures they have done. You should also inquire about the number of hours they have spent training in this procedure and their experience with different skin types.

You can also ask them about their experience working with various hair types; certain individuals are more comfortable working with curly or wavy hair than others. The more information you can get from them, the better you will be at finding someone who meets your needs!

Do you have any before and after photos to show?

When interviewing a Microblading specialist, asking for before and after photos is important. This is the best way to see how they work and if they use an artistic style that appeals to your personal taste. You can also see if the tattooed brows are consistent with each other (as in, do one brow look thin while another looks thick? Is there any noticeable inconsistency?), as well as whether or not they have been working with this type of artistry long enough to get results that you like.

How long will the results last?

Your microblading specialist in Baton Rouge LA should answer this question. The answer will depend on your skin type and how well you care for your skin. In general, most results can last 6-18 months because the natural shedding of your skin cells helps to remove any pigment deposited in your dermis. However, proper aftercare can increase longevity and ensure that your new brows look as good as they did when they were first done!

How much does it cost?

The question of cost comes up often, and for a good reason. The procedure can vary greatly in price depending on where you go, who you get to do it, and how long it takes them to complete the job. Total time varies depending on skill level and whether your artist achieved their desired look in one session.


The microblading specialists you choose will play a massive part in the success of your treatment. You must feel comfortable with them before deciding and booking an appointment. Asking these five questions will help you get a sense of who they are as an artist and if their work style aligns with what you want.