Tailoring can be simply repairing your garment or giving the new look to your garment without altering the original value of the costumes. You can simply replace a zipper or stitch a tear of your garment by tailoring. It’s a very difficult task to choose the right tailor for you as it signifies and reflects your personality. A Setapak tailor considers your requirements and expectations and produces the best outfit for you.

In this article, you get to know the best ideas to choose the right tailoring company for your outfits.

Do Research

You need to be familiarized with the costumes you want. You may not know the details of fabrics and components. So, you can get insight into the complexity of the costumes after doing research. You can also understand the significance of the traditional costumes and can create your own designs for events and parties. You can make your outfit look interesting and unique.

Seek For the Advice

You don’t need to simply stick to your current tailoring company. You can look for recommendations for the tailoring company from your friends and relatives. But, make some research before stepping into the company. Moreover, it’s beneficial for you to seek advice from smart dressers.

Don’t Hesitate to Communicate

You should feel free to ask any questions and clear your confusion. You need to understand if the tailor is listening to you or trying to convince you to get outfits as per their designs. Good communication between you and the tailor is very important to meet your expectations.

Customer Service of the Company

All tailoring companies must have a motto to satisfy their customers. Therefore, you should choose the tailoring services that can hold a long-term relationship and put effort into satisfying and meet your all expectations.

Design & Styles of Tailoring Company

The tailoring companies are renowned when they create their own peculiar products. The fashion and style should not be time-bound. The costume should reflect the social class and hold cultural significance. One of the tailoring companies is Lai Chan Fashion, an expert in customer service and alterations & repairs service in Malaysia for over 30 years. Their hand-made creations are beautiful enough to create an interesting and unique outfit.

Look the Samples

It’s one of the best ideas to make the decision while choosing the tailoring company for you. You should look for stitches if it’s neat and secured or not. The quality of the fabrics used while designing the dress. Overall, you can look at designs and decide if it’s appealing or not.


It’s most important to look for before giving an order to design your clothes. You should be assured to receive your dress in a given time frame. It maintains the trust of the customers and the goodwill of the tailoring company.