The year has indisputably been the kind we had never seen before and hopefully will not have to, in the future. After such a long and challenging year filled with ups and a lot of downs, we are all looking for some peace of mind. As things relatively settle down, people are experiencing this winter season with ever new excitement to be out and about. If you are looking to make the most out of this season and the new year by taking a trip somewhere pretty, there is a long list of travel essentials that are non-negotiable to ensure maximum comfort and safety, wool caps being at the top of it.

The winter season calls for some fuzzy wool caps to be added to your fashion for the season. Myntra has got you covered with its End of Reason Sale that has top-notch wool caps and travel essentials available at very affordable prices. Here are some travel essentials you can buy from Myntra EORS:

  • Wool Caps: There is no better way to protect your ears than a couple of adorable wool caps that add to all your looks for the season. Made of 100% wool, these warm wool caps will make sure you enjoy your trip without freezing up due to cold and are also machine washable.
  • Lip Balm & Moisturiser: Chapped lips and dry skin can be a big problem of the winter season but not to worry. You can shop for lip balms and moisturisers on Myntra and use them daily to keep your lips and skin moisturised and give them their all-time soft, natural look.
  • Winter Jackets: Never forget to pack a couple of sweaters, hoodies, thermal jackets, etc. as you will be too busy freezing up to enjoy your trip if you forget to take these along. Shop for padded, quilted, denim jackets and more from brands H&M, Park Avenue and such on Myntra to get the best deals.
  • Gloves: These are a must as hands can be very vulnerable and exposed to the cold winds. Instead of letting your hands turn into ice, make sure you carry a couple of pairs of gloves. Shop for gloves from Myntra that come with different features like breathability, etc. from Myntra.

Wool caps still stand as one of the essential travel essentials, and Myntra allows you to get as many as possible at very reasonable prices. 

Myntra aims to spread joy among its customers during these difficult times and to make good times even better. No better way to celebrate the end of such a challenging year than to take a trip to your favourite cold place and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Myntra’s End of Reason Sale is now live, and there is no chance you should risk missing out on the myriad of exciting deals and offers. All these products are for you to take away, so go ahead and start shopping already!