The current trend in the fashion industry is witnessing a lot of bygone trends reviving again. If there is one trend which remains timeless even today, it is the sharara suits. These suits look really elegant when worn during weddings and other traditional occasions. Sharara suits have become so popular these days that they have also made their way into the wardrobe of celebrities.

The best part about wearing this awesome piece of ethnic wear is that you don’t have to buy the latest design to revamp your traditional style. If you own a sharara suit already, there are so many different ways to revamp it by styling it in different ways. 

Sharara suits are a perfect saviour to all these girls who are torn between wearing a saree and lehenga. If you are tired of wearing anarkali dresses to every occasion, a sharara suit will give you a fashionable respite. If you are keen on wearing the same this festive season, let us see the different ways you can amp up your outfit. 

  • Style it with a jacket: The quickest way to westernise your ethnic look is by layering it with a jacket. Now, how you want to transform your look totally depends upon your taste. You can layer your sharara with an ethnic jacket, maybe a sheer longline jacket with embellishments all over it. For a modern approach, you can layer with a matching blazer and amp up your chic quotient. 
  • Create a saree look: If you think wearing a saree will be too much, how about revamping your sharara into a saree? Instead of wearing the dupatta the usual way, you can drape it in a saree style to create an illusion of a saree. But unlike a saree, this look will be comfortable, especially if you’re planning to dance your heart out at the event.
  • Accessorise with a belt: Every fashionista knows how a simple belt can modernise their ethnic outfit. Transforming your simple sharara suit is just a belt away. When you wear your sharara as usual, you can wear a belt on your blouse, if it’s a long one. If you are wearing a crop top, you can wear a dupatta on one side and then wear a belt over it, securing your dupatta and creating an hourglass silhouette. 
  • Ditch blouses for crop tops: Ditch your regular long blouses for a crop top and give your sharara suits a whole new style. A matching crop top and sharara pants and a contrasting combo will both work in your favour. You can even go the extra mile by adding a cape on top of your look for that extra charm.
  • Go the peplum way: Peplum tops are really stylish and can be paired with your sharara instead of the blouse. If you’re wearing a peplum top, you don’t even need a dupatta, especially if your top is heavily embellished or embroidered.
  • Style with a corset: Corsets are all the rage these days and we don’t see why you can’t style your sharara with a corset top? A strapless velvet corset will give you a diva-style look when paired with an embellished sharara at your BFF’s wedding.


With these amazing ways to style sharara suits, get ready to showcase your revamped fashionable side this festive season.