Where do you buy your jewelry from? Do you tend to grab whatever is trendy from the mall, or do you spend time perusing for a handmade item from a local or online artist so you can get your hands on something that is just as unique as you are? Here are some reasons why you should consider buying more handmade jewelry.

Support Artists

When you buy a handcrafted piece of jewelry, you are showing your support for artisans. You can see and feel the effort and love that was poured into the design and creation of your item. Whoever you choose to buy from — Indian jewelry designers, your neighbor, or an artist at your local summer craft fair, there are many ways to find a unique piece of jewelry.

Own One-of-a-Kind Pieces

How many items do you own that are 100% original? Buying handmade jewelry ensures that your treasure is all yours, no one else will have a piece quite like yours. This individuality is something special that you can’t get anywhere else. When you know that your item comes from a place of integrity and heartfelt passion, your appreciation for the items and jewelry you own is bound to increase.

Resist Fast Fashion

As you try to cut back on the amount of fast fashion clothing and jewelry you buy, when you support an artist’s work, you can’t help but push against trends and the fast fashion industry. Win-win. Your beautiful jewelry raises in value when you purchase from an artist because there is so much variation and differences in color, size, and shapes between every piece made, whereas fast fashion pieces are manufactured to all be the same.

Whatever your typical shopping patterns, try incorporating a more thoughtful approach to the way you shop for jewelry and clothing. Artists, your wallet, and the earth will thank you as you adorn your body with handcrafted pieces.