If having to constantly spend your time and energy on removing bodily hair is starting to bother you, you may have considered getting laser treatments Norfolk VA. Lasering off unwanted hair is not only time-saving but can potentially also boost your confidence. However, this interesting procedure might not be for everyone. To learn more about laser hair removal, its pros and cons and whether you should consider getting it, read on.

  1. It’s Not Actually Permanent

While it might sound great to get a treatment and then never have to shave again, that’s not quite the whole picture. Laser hair removal is not actually 100% permanent, but is rather considered a semi-permanent solution. This means that while it won’t eliminate the unwanted hair forever, it will help reduce its growth so that you won’t have to be constantly shaving as much. Similarly, one treatment won’t be enough. Because hair grows in cycles, you’ll likely need three to six sessions to catch all the hairs at the right time and stop the regrowth.

  1. It May Take Weeks To See Full Results

While it might sound great to walk into a clinic and then leave later that day completely hairless, you won’t actually see results immediately. While the procedure itself is generally very quick, it usually takes a few weeks after a treatment to see its full effects.

  1. It Works Best on Light Skin With Dark Hair

Since lasers have an easier time targeting follicles whose pigment contrasts with the skin’s color, laser hair removal tends to work best on patients with fair skin and darker hair. You can still get it done if you have a darker skin type, but make sure to consult with your doctor first.

Laser treatments have become more popular in recent years for their semi-permanent results that could potentially save patients time, energy and money over the years. If you’ve been thinking about whether it’s right for you, consider these key facts and you can feel confident making your decision.