If you’re a gun owner, you might be familiar with the challenges of concealed carry. While it can be a wonderful safety measure to do so, carrying also has the potential to be cumbersome or uncomfortable. However, it doesn’t have to be. More and more concealed carry methods have been developed and perfected, taking the demands of everyday life into consideration. If you could use some inspiration for new ways to carry, keep reading. Here are two, sure to deliver safety along with convenience and comfort.

  1. Find New Ways to Wear Your Gun

It used to be that options were limited when it came to concealed carry. Aside from the obvious stowing around the waist or in jacket pockets, there weren’t many others. Today, there are options aplenty.

Think handbags to jackets, undershirts to a concealed thigh holster. What’s great about carrying in actual firearm-specific articles of clothing (or accessories) is that not only is your gun accessible and safely stowed, it tends to be more comfortable to wear as well. Depending on your everyday needs, it might suit you well to accumulate various carry-specific pieces to ensure you’re always prepared, no matter what the day ahead brings.

  1. Get Comfortable With Carrying

When it comes to carrying, are there specific times when you do it or is toting your gun part of your everyday routine? Even if you’re only planning on carrying every now and then, it’s essential that you prioritize getting comfortable with doing so.

This could mean practicing by wearing whatever concealed carry garment you have, putting your gun in and taking it out. Don’t forget to move as you normally would – walk, bend, twist, whatever you would do on a normal basis. Pay attention to how everything feels. Note where there’s room for improvement. Make adjustments as you go. Being comfortable will also increase your confidence, which is paramount for firearm safety.