Women often find themselves needing some sort of protection against potential threats, especially when living alone. For those who are certified and know the rules, guns can provide a feeling of safety and confidence, even in potentially dangerous situations. Though a gun may ease anxiety, some women prefer the weapon to remain hidden. Here is a list of concealed carry options for women.

  1. Purses 

Purses are a versatile tool used to carry around many important items. Most purses have enough room for a gun and some have special gun holster options for added safety.

  1. Jackets

Jackets provide enough space that a weapon can be easily hidden. Though adequately concealed, a woman would still have easy access to the weapon in a dangerous situation.

  1. Leggings and Shorts

This one may be surprising but there are special leggings made with a place to hold a gun. Leggings are very unassuming so most people would have a hard time guessing that a weapon was concealed within them. Shorts are similar in that they are unassuming and easy to hide a weapon within. The waist is an easy-to-reach place and can provide a comfortable area to hold a gun.

  1. Shirts and Tanks

There are special shirts that have a compartment to hold a gun. As with the jacket, a woman would still have very easy access to the weapon in times of need.

There are many fashionable and safe ways to carry a gun without it being noticeable. Having that added degree of safety can strengthen a woman’s confidence and give her the freedom to make her own decisions without worrying about potential threats. Women are often marked as vulnerable which makes self-defense knowledge priceless. Walking home alone in the dark is far less terrifying with a gun at one’s side.