One of the biggest mistakes in fashion is that when women wear footwear which is not going with their dress at all. This is a really huge mistake as this wrong sandal can kill the whole charm of your beautiful dress. And interestingly, having to wear the right sandal adds to the beauty of your dress as well. It is as simple as that. So, after reading this article you may learn a few tips and tricks on how you should choose your sandals. Basically there are three basic things that you must consider while selecting the right pair of sandals – the occasion, the style and the color.

The most important thing is that you must understand the significance of the occasion and try to learn what the occasion is and how you would like to showcase yourself before the people who are going to attend this event. For example, you would never like to wear a flip flop sandal with your evening gown or wear a stiletto heel at a beach wedding, as they won’t be comfortable enough. So similarly, you must understand the way you should dress your legs on this occasion. Depending upon the material with which a sandal is made can help you decide, such as a less shining leather sandal is for less casual events while the shiny ones are perfect for parties.

After you master to match your sandal according to the occasion, the next move you should learn is to match the style. Women’s Sandals have many styles ranging from heels, pumps, boots, platforms and fun sandals for fun places. Matching the style refers to being fashionably updated as what the styles are trending these days, I may suggest you the simplest way for that is to research about sandals on the internet and offline. The more you see, the more you will learn about sandals.

The last but certainly not the least is learning to match the color of your sandal with the outfit you wear for a particular occasion. By saying the word match, I don’t mean that the colors of your dress and the sandal necessarily need to be the same; it only means that the color of the sandal must look pleasant with the color of your beautiful dress. For example, you won’t like to wear a leopard print platform sandal at your office meetings and similarly you can’t wear a red colored sandal on a black gown. This trick can be mastered only by mixing and matching sandals with your dress and having opinions by the people living with you.

One such platform sandal which does not need you to match the color, style or the occasion is the “Chic Daisy Flowers Platform Sandals” from Kawaii store, because it is a perfect looking sandal for any kind of occasion and you don’t need any special time for wearing it.